Engagement, engagement, engagement. My brother Lee and I are web developers and entrepreneurs. We try to capitalize on every opportunity available to increase user engagement. A critical part of any strategy aimed at improving user engagement involves allowing users to comment on website articles/blog posts. Commenting is possible on any WordPress site via WordPress’ default commenting functionality or by installing a third party plugin. However, WordPress’ default commenting lacks some important features that tend to increase user interaction. It also requires the installation of the Akismet plugin to keep your site’s comments spam free. In addition, there was recent news uncovering a cross site scripting bug (the 0 Day Bug) in WordPress’ commenting when Akismet is absent (but a patch has been released). For these reasons, we opt for alternatives to WordPress’ default commenting functionality. We researched four popular third party WordPress commenting plugins: Disqus, Facebook, Livefyre and Google Plus. We delved into the user and admin features offered by each plugin, their configuration processes, and some shortcomings to provide an in depth comparison of your options. Disqus Comments
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