Sharon Yates is a freelance web designer success story. Here are two emails I just received from Sharon, one of our new 3 Day Bootcamp students. In the first email I was pleased to hear that she had made herself $500 in her first weekend with the Bootcamp. What I read next, blew me away. She followed to explain that she hadn’t made just $500. Actually she had made $2598!!! Here are Sharon’s emails for your consideration. Did you make $300 this weekend as a freelance web designer? If not…what’s holding you back from joining our 3 day bootcamp for just $7 bucks? This was Sharon’s first email: Hey Spence! I wanted to share a couple of things with you! First, I forgot to tell you about the award I received the last time we spoke. I was chosen as the Best Website Designer of 2014. It is a local award in the city of Addison (a suburb of Dallas) where I live. Anyway, that was kind of exciting for me since I wasn’t really practicing much Freelance work last year. Just preparing for it. The image below is the award they sent. Second, regarding the conversation we had last week. I didn’t think my friend was going to call me back because I had not heard from him for a couple of days after you
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