Easy Digital Downloads announced a major change to its themes marketplace today. All official EDD themes (those that are built by the EDD core team) are now 100% free. This includes half a dozen themes that are guaranteed to be fully compatible with EDD, including the new Vendd theme launching today. EDD support manager Sean Davis clarified how the free themes will be supported: Official EDD themes are available to you at absolutely no cost. They will still be licensed so that you can receive theme updates directly from your WordPress dashboard and we will also provide support. The only thing changing is the price. Responding to criticism on Twitter saying that the change contributes to the undervaluation of WordPress themes, EDD founder Pippin Williamson said, “For us it’s not about the themes. It’s about the entire package. By making it easy for users to have a good shop up and running in minutes, we significantly increase the potential value to that customer and of that customer. We also dramatically reduce the cost of support by having more users on more reliable themes that are built for EDD.” Making half a dozen themes free might seem like it would significantly increase EDD’s
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