Writing to local files is one of the functionalities many plugins and themes need for various purposes. Security is the most important issue plugins and themes have to take care of while writing to local file systems. WordPress runs across various hosting services and configurations, therefore it becomes difficult for developers to create plugins and themes which access local file systems to work across all different kinds of environments without compromising security. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the WordPress Filesystem API to access local file systems which takes care of proper file permissions. In the process, we’ll create a plugin which displays a form with a textarea in an admin page that saves the content of the textarea to a file. Why Use the WordPress Filesystem API? You might be wondering why we don’t just use PHP’s file system functions to read and write local files instead of learning and using a whole new set of APIs? The issue of using PHP file system APIs is that it doesn’t take care of file permissions automatically. Suppose you’re using a shared hosting service to host your WordPress site and your hosting web server is running as the “admin” operating system
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