What are the best backup WordPress plugins? That’s hard to know, so I asked 21 professional bloggers and developers what plugins they trust for backing up their WordPress sites. To protect their sites is to protect their livelihoods. Your site might not be your paycheck but chances are you’d be terribly sad if you lost it overnight. Hosts mess up, you and I mess up and sometimes the bad guys mess things up for everybody. Let’s learn from the experts. If you look at the WordPress Backups docs on WordPress.org, you will see that the tediousness of manual backups is enough to make a person neglect the task. Sure, some of the pros I interviewed are a 10 on the GeekScale™, but most of the tools they use are quite normal and will save you time by helping to automate backing up your WordPress website. And that’s good news. Spoiler: In a hurry? You’ll miss a lot of wisdom but feel free to jump to What Can We Learn From These Pros? to see which backup WordPress plugins are the most trusted. First, The Questions You should know the three questions I asked each of the participants. I was originally asking what backup WordPress plugins these pros use. I ended up changing my question to ask what
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