I’m the proud father of three adorable, brilliant, and yet also terrible and uncontrollable children. They’re great. Love them to death. They also hold the keys to how to take dad’s peace and turn it into chaos in one second or less. It’s a rare gift, I know. In real life, children are the inheritors of their parents. They inherit their parents good and bad personality traits. They inherit their parent’s wealth or debt. But they each also – always –have their own unique traits that no one gave them at all. There’s no amount of biology or chemistry that can predict the ways in which each child is 100% a direct product of their parents, and, at the same time, absolutely 100% unique. As with most analogies in life, you can say the same with WordPress (Some might say: If it exists, there’s a WordPress plugin for it!). For every theme that you download from the WordPress repository, or purchase from a premium shop, there can (and most often should) be a perfectly inherited yet still unique child theme suited to your purposes. This series is about best practices. So now is the perfect time to explain the necessity, value, and power of creating and using Child Themes. The nature of the WordPress
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