Gone are the days when launching a website or blog, writing some content, and putting ads on top of everything is enough. We have shifted from having to care about everyone all at once, to learning how to care for each of our visitors individually, tailoring to their specific needs. And this post from Buffer goes to show just how important of a revenue channel email marketing can be: Basically, everything begins with content. People will find your site because of your amazing content. They will keep coming back for amazing content. Your amazing content will be the foundation of what you email to them, which will be the reason they stay subscribed (or not.) It all starts with amazing content. The most difficult part of building an email list, is getting to have the first few hundred subscribers to sign-up. It’s tough when you’re investing time and energy into creating a list, but for the first few weeks you’re barely getting any sign-ups at all, this happens to everyone, any website owner, blogger or marketer goes through that phase, and did go through it, in order to get to the point where the list starts to show signs of healthy life. WordPress is a popular platform out there, with
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