The short answer to this question is, yes, there is still money (good money) to be had in the WordPress web design market. But I understand why you may be doubting that. The WordPress market is full of themes and plugins created to make designing a website with WP a breeze. However, since so many view WordPress as an easy-to-use system, there is quite a large sum of people who think that they will only need to pay $500 for a site that you would rightly charge $3,000 for. This is what has led many aspiring web designers or developers into what I call the Freelancer Starvation Stalemate. This happens when a freelance web designer/developer can’t manage to get paid what they’re worth and end up settling for long hours and low pay. This tends to lead to burn out and many end up giving up doing what they love because they can’t survive the stress. And truth be told — this happens to probably 90% of budding designers. So how can I say that you can still make good money with WordPress? Because I know plenty of designers and developers who do it every day. And even though my personal niche lies within content curation, I still land web design work which pays rather well. So how do you do it?
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