Let’s say you’re a developer who has started working locally. If you don’t already, the idea is pretty simple. You do all your development on your own computer and then push it to the server (or the staging environment) when you’re ready to review it. But that means you’ll need a local web server, a local database and more. And maybe you’ve not worked that way before. So it all seems a bit scary. The good news is that there are simple products that can make it easy – especially if you’re doing local WordPress development. So you check out ServerPress‘ Desktop Server. And you discover it saves you lots of time. It’s so fast and easy to do your work. You wonder why you didn’t do it before! Just when you get the handle of Desktop Server… So, you’re spinning up sites left and right and you’re having no trouble at all. But you start hearing that some people are doing something with the Command Line. In other words, they’re becoming more efficient by skipping all the browser clicks and writing a few commands at a command prompt. This command prompt thing is kind of cool, WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface), because you can download themes and plugins, install them and activate them.
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