WordPress.tv is a great place to go to catch up on your favorite WordCamp sessions, or perhaps virtually attend a Camp you could not make in person. These videos are a great way to up your game and learn about WordPress, especially if you are an aspiring developer, or established user. However, for new users to WordPress, one thing we don’t have on WordPress.tv is videos of how to do things directly in the dashboard of their site. These are more “just getting started” kinds of videos, centered around common tasks or goals, such as: How to configure widgets Setting up a custom menu Managing comments How to insert an image gallery These kinds of videos would do a lot to help teach WordPress to a new generation of users, and are just the kind of videos we want to host on WordPress.tv! How do we get there? That’s where you come in… Submit your WordPress screencasts and video tutorials to WordPress.tv! Are you a proud member of the WordPress community, who creates (or would like to create) videos that are focused on helping others learn how to use WordPress? If you answered “yes” then we would love your help in submitting your videos to WordPress.tv, so we can share them with the world in
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