“Things like the Internet and WordPress can power a website, but they can also empower individuals.” The Story As a young boy with a permanent disability, life wasn’t easy. I wasn’t able to do all of the things my friends did, I wasn’t treated the same, and I wasn’t taught the same things in school. I was involved with various clinics, centers, and organizations focused on disabled youths, and they determined that I should be encouraged to learn and utilize technology as a way to break down the barriers that existed then, and those that would exist in the future. I remember being the first kid in the neighborhood with a personal computer at both home and school. With various Assistive Technology add-ons, I was able to find an effective way to operate and interact with these computers, and I was quickly learning the ins-and-outs of software and hardware. Skip forward a few years, computers and technology are still huge interests for me, and so I enrolled in a high-school that focused on the web and media. I was instantly drawn to Flash animations as well as web design and development. Even at that age, I knew that web based media was my ticket to achieving personal success. I was considered
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