Normal People, Great Plugins: with Bridget Willard “Normal People, Great Plugins” is an article series focused on reviewing really useful plugins and resources available to you to build out your WordPress website. Bridget brings her wit and unique perspective of being a beginning user of WordPress to talk about how user-friendly the plugins are. If you are just getting started with WordPress and looking for high-quality and user-friendly solutions, then you’ll love this series. Do you remember, back in the day, running into an old friend in the grocery store? They’d start chatting you up about their three week, cross-country trip to Wally World and before you knew it, you’re at their house for a dinner party and a preview of their best 250 slides from the trip. Kill me now. And they’re not the best photos either. A finger over the lens, some random stranger in front of a sign, and every rest area you never wanted to see are included. Thankfully, a little social network saved us from hiding behind the creamed corn forever: Facebook. [Hold up, I thought this was about WordPress plugins? It is. Stay with me.] Facebook and Photo Expectations Because people upload their vacation photos on
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