Displaying Trustmarks on your site is a proven way to reassure website visitors and increase conversions, landing on an unfamiliar website for the first time can be daunting in this day of age of security concerns among online shoppers. Malware warnings, phishing scams and so on all make the news on a daily basis so when a visitor sees a familiar logo in the form of a seal or trustmark, it can go some way to alleviate their concerns. A study was carried out which found the McAfee was the second in a study “in which they asked shoppers which seals generated the greatest sense of trust when shopping online.” source. You can now add the McAfee trustmark to your WordPress site for free using a new plugin called “McAfee Secure“. The plugin, once installed, will monitor your website for security – things like Malware, Phishing, Hacking and Google blacklisting status. If your website is found to be secure, it will display a badge telling your site visitors that the site is safe. Upgrading to a pro plan will also highlight your site in search listings to users of the McAfee software, saying it is safe also. Let’s take a look at how the plugin functions. The Plugin Download the free plugin and
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