Booked is now discounted for 24 Hours Only between 12pm 19 June 2015 AEST to 12 pm 20 June 2015 AEST. Websites are at their best when they help to make your life easier. Whether you’re the site’s owner or a visitor, that convenience is much appreciated (and, these days, expected). Booked (currently discounted to only $17) is a WordPress plugin that has been designed to make life easier for everyone. It takes something complicated (online appointment systems) and simplifies it. This tutorial has been published in conjunction with our ‘Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Business‘ event. Throughout this week, we’ll be publishing free tutorials and offering heavily discounted WordPress plugins that will help you grow and run your business like a pro. And, while the plugin’s UI is straightforward with clear explanations of what each option does, you still get the flexibility to customize the appointment system to fit your needs. For small business owners, investing in an old-school appointment system just won’t cut it. When you think about it, those older systems take a bit of convenience away from your customers. Booked includes the ability for users to: Register and edit their profile using
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