Adding more fonts to your computer is pretty straightforward. Simply download the files to your fonts directory, and then you can start using them in your sofware and applications of choice. However, if you want to use custom fonts on your website, especially those typefaces that your visitors might not have installed on their devices, it gets a bit more complicated. Thankfully, as a WordPress user, there are some great free tools you can use to add individual fonts, or a whole library of them to your website. Once you’ve made the fonts available to your theme, you can begin applying them to the various styles in use on your website. In this article we will show you where you can find high quality free and premium fonts, how to add them to your WordPress website, plus some tools to help you choose the right settings for each typeface on your website. Where to Find Fonts for Your Website Before we get to the instructions covering how you can add custom fonts to your WordPress website, let’s take a look at some of the places where you can find new typefaces to modify the appearance of the text on your site. There are some great free online resources available, where you can find open
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