So you want to start a blog? I don’t blame you. Blogs are really fun, they’re a good way of expressing yourself, they can be profitable, and they’re an excellent way of building authority and becoming a person of influences. But I can hear you question like I’ve heard it so many times: how do you get started building a blog? Setting up a blog is super simple, but it can seem very difficult for someone without a lot of experience. I’ve compiled some steps for you to be able to go through them and set your blog up within five minutes. First Things First: Buy a Domain Name You need to register your domain name first. If you haven’t gotten your domain name picked out, at least keep it to a .com, don’t get to witty and clever, and make sure it answers your visitor’s question when they land on your site, “Is this for me?” You are going to want to register your domain name with GoDaddy. There are many places to register a domain name like and a few other places, but GoDaddy is known for domain names, and that’s the industry standard of where to go to register a domain name. The reason you want to register your domain name with a domain name registrar is because you might now
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