At Codeable, remote working is an important aspect of our lives and business: we're a remote team, spread across Europe and US, and our core business is providing the best WordPress Experts to small businesses, agencies and bloggers around the globe. Without remote working, Codeable wouldn't have existed. We use tools like Slack and Skype that make our remote lives easier but many of our first time clients aren't used to remote working and all that comes with it, so I'd like to share some tips on how to communicate better, share criticism and productive feedback with your outsourced WordPress expert. On Codeable, we found that projects where there is a clear and consistent dialogue between client and expert, get completed in less time on average. So improving the way you communicate, it's better for your work too! Let's see how with 5 actionable tips. The first thing you should take into consideration is to be sure you and your remote expert are on the same page. This means the project's goal, scope, and all sub-task you're requesting, are clearly understood on both side. Share specific requests or comments and keep discussing strictly on them to let the discussion be as focused as
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