If you work with or just use WordPress in your job or on your website, I guess you occasionally wanted to revert a plugin or theme when something went wrong! I think you will recognize the scenario, right? When an update or something unexpected and unwanted happen, wouldn’t it be great to be able to return to a previous version that worked so well? Wouldn’t be a really awesome and useful feature? There is no built-in feature in WordPress to roll back a theme or plugin. The only similar solution is post revisions as backup copies of your post and each time you click Save Draft or Update, a revision is saved. The folks at WordImpress wanted to create a new concept and tool to be able to “rollback” a theme or plugin. Simply put, to easily rollback previous (or newer) version without any manual actions. The work resulted in a WordPress plugin – WP Rollback WP Rollback is a free plugin you can download from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin is very easy to use and with a few clicks, you can go back or forward to different versions of themes and plugins installed from WordPress.org. Although it seems easy to use the plugin as a kind of backup solution. It’s not what is meant to be.
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