Select your favorite search engine and type in the name or topic of a business. If there’s a business in your area with that name or topic, the search will show you some unique results. If you’re allowing your browser to use your current location you’ll see companies that are near your present location with their contact info. For example, in Google you’ll see the company name, URL, Google reviews, address, phone number, and location on a map. This is known as local search. If you have a company website then you want to be on this list. You want customers in your local area to find you easily. This is local SEO and it doesn’t happen by chance. Bing, Google, and other search engines allow you to use your current location for search results. Many of them have a feature where you can enter any address or zip code you want. The results are local to that location. Ex: results from Bing when searching for Pizza using zip code 90210. Ex: results from Google when searching for Pizza using zip code 90210. There are actually two types of results: organic and maps (like Google Maps). You want your business to show up in both results, and it takes different strategies for each. How to Get on the
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