A previous write-up explains how you can help test and capture the network admin UI. Here’s a specific version for how you can help during contributor day this weekend. There are four steps to the workflow at the moment: Capture a visual record of network admin screens. Ideally on a device/browser combination that has not yet been captured. If comfortable, post the screen captures and notes on make.wordpress.org/flow. If you need access to Make/Flow, ask in #core-flow on Slack or around the physical room you’re in (if it’s full of contributors). Observe screens, actions, and results throughout the network admin. This can happen during or after step 1. You can also just do this without the first step. Look for things that don’t make sense, visual errors, pieces that are difficult on mobile, etc… Document observations in the screen sweep sheet. This can be with or without a Trac ticket. With or without a screenshot. Acts as a note so that we know that to come back to as part of the overall admin UI improvement effort. Help with the screen sweep sheet. Open a ticket if there is none. Add screenshots if there are none. Confirm/deny the issue. And patch. If there’s a ticket on the screen
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