Starting from this week, we will test popular themes/frameworks and how they perform with WP Rocket. We will publish the results, as well as our recommendations about optimal settings that would maximize the benefits of both products. This is the first test in the series, and we decided to try Avada, the #1 selling theme on ThemeForest . We’re using Pingdom Tools for speed testing in this example. Lucy, a member of the WP Rocket team has written a great guide on How to correctly measure website page load time, don’t miss that one, it’s really useful. We decided to test multiple pages/posts with the Avada theme activated, including plugins recommended/included in installation, with the imported original demo content. First, we tested pages/posts without WP Rocket installed. After that, we activated WP Rocket with only the HTML and Google Fonts files optimization options turned on (these two options almost never create problems, so it’s ok to turn them on in over 95% of sites). Comparison of Results Here are the results we get. Avada Theme – No WP Rocket installed 1. Homepage - 76/100 – 54 requests – 1.18s loadtime, 2.6MB Page Size 2. Shop Page - 74/100 – 43 requests – 992ms loadtime,
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