Jetpack is active on more than a million websites and it’s a tough job making sure the potential number of sites that might break due to an update is minimal. You can now contribute to the cause by participating in the new Jetpack beta testing program. Beta testers who join will be the first to gain access to new features and help make sure they work for as many people as possible. You don’t need to be a developer or know how to code in order to contribute. Testers will also have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to improve features. Since the program is a relaunch, I asked Sam Hotchkiss, who works on the Jetpack development team, what happened to the first iteration of the program. “The first time around was a small, tight group, which lacked the necessary number of participants to effectively catch as many edge cases as we’d hoped. One other issue we had last time was not having an easy way to keep installs up to date.” Those who participate in the program are encouraged to fill out the form on the site that tells the development team your name, email address, website, number of sites using Jetpack, and your skill level. The team allows for anonymous beta testers but Hotchkiss
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