The HHVM team has concluded its first ever open source performance lockdown, and we’re very excited to share the results with you. During our two week lockdown, we’ve made strides optimizing builtin functions, dynamic properties, string concatenation, and the file cache. In addition to improving HHVM, we also looked for places in the open source frameworks where we could contribute patches that would benefit all engines. Our efforts centered around maximizing requests per second (RPS) with WordPress, Drupal 7, and Mediawiki, using our oss-performance benchmarking tool. Summary During lockdown we achieved a 19.4% RPS improvement for Mediawiki workloads, and a 1.8% RPS improvement for WordPress. We demonstrated that HHVM is 55.5% faster than PHP 7 on a Mediawiki workload, 18.7% faster on a WordPress workload, and 10.2% faster on a Drupal 7 workload. Improvements made to HHVM to better serve open source frameworks will ship with the next release. As a part of our lockdown effort a patch showing a promising performance improvement for all PHP engines was submitted to Mediawiki. The raw data, configuration settings, and summary statistics are available here. Lockdowns are always a great
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