Digital Constitution, a website devoted to how Microsoft is fighting government surveillance and working to protect online privacy in a digital world, was hacked to promote online casinos. ZDNet, which captured a screenshot, reported that the “site appears to have been modified around 9:15pm ET on Wednesday.” The attacker “injected text with keywords” like “online casino,” “poker, “craps, “roulette” and “blackjack.” Additionally, some new pages were “injected to show content that embeds content from other casino-related websites.” Microsoft has since taken that down. It’s unknown how long ago the site was hacked to promote online gambling and ZDNet said “it’s not clear who was behind the attack.” However, since Microsoft’s site was running an outdated version of WordPress, WordPress 4.0.5, The Stack said, “it seems likely that the site takeover was opportunistic work by the blackest of black-hat SEO crews simply using automated tools to scan thousands of websites for exploitable, non-updated CMS systems.” Microsoft originally launched Digital Constitution in August 2013. While the site is copyrighted by Microsoft, it also notes that web design and development was done by New Media Campaigns,
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