"How's your week been?" "Nothing too unusual. Went on TV yesterday to help users understand the LastPass breach. Been working on PowerPoints for a briefing. Oh, and I accidentally crashed somewhere between 10,000 and 70,000 nonprofit Web sites." So yeah. That happened. This weekend, after working for three months on an open-source plugin I adopted back in March, I released a major update. Despite all my best efforts (and, in fact, because of some best practices), the release had a naming conflict and caused a whole lot of Web site crashes. Three months ago, I learned that a very well-respected GPL open-source WordPress plugin, Seamless Donations, was about to lose developer support. Its original developer had a full-time job that needed his full-time attention. As it happens, I was also looking around for a programming-related side project (after spending 18-months writing academic papers, I wanted to freshen my coding skills), and since I have already done a lot of work in WordPress and support nonprofit work, I thought this would be a good fit for my next side project. On March 16, I took over the coding work for Seamless Donations. Because the plugin had something like 56,000 installs
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