Yesterday Nick Haskins, creator of Aesop Story Engine, released a new search plugin for WordPress. WP Live Search utilizes the new WP REST API, in combination with Backbone.js and Underscore.js, to deliver live search results as the user types in a search query. The result is instantaneous searching that doesn’t require pressing enter or refreshing the page. WP Live Search is very much a working prototype but also provides a practical example of the WP REST API in action. I tested the plugin and the short clip below shows an example of searching through thousands of articles. Each result is displayed neatly with its corresponding featured image. Haskins created the client-side search plugin to power the new search feature inside Lasso, his frontend editing plugin. He released the prototype on in order to get usability testing and feedback from a larger group of users. He’s also building the plugin as part of his day job, so it’s being developed with several different audiences in mind. “Using the REST API was super important because we’re searching on ‘keyup’ and if that went through admin-ajax.php then shared hosts would likely melt down,” Haskins said. “So because it’s
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