A tiny plugin to help you showcase your WordPress.org reviews on your site. It offers two different layouts: grid and carousel. Simply provide your plugin's slug (on WordPress.org) and the plugin will fetch the reviews, and display them. For instance, if you want to get the reviews for the plugin Awesome Support, the slug is awesome-support. By default, all reviews from WordPress.org are cached for 24 hours. All shortcode parameters are listed here. Demo You can see it working here: http://getawesomesupport.com/reviews. We use the Carousel Layout. Roadmap We're pretty busy, so feel free to contribute if you like the plugin :) Make carousel options available from within the shortcode (items to show, items to scroll, duration, etc.) Make it work with AJAX to avoid long page load (for the first call to the API) Add styling options for grid? Add styling options for carousel? Add a way to disable style completely Add a way to change the prefix from wr- to whatever (applies to every elements) Add loading spinner while fetching data / preloading avatars Loading carousel styles & scripts only if chosen layout is carousel Contributing Guidelines Pull requests are encouraged Submit issues if
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