Keeping regular backups of your WordPress installs is arguably one of the most important things you should be doing after you launch a site. In fact, if you search for the term “backup” in the WordPress plugin repository, you’ll find over 700 that claim to be up to the task. Today we’re going to be setting up a highly reliable remote backup solution using a plugin that isn’t on that list, WP Migrate DB Pro. Are there plugins that could do a better job or are easier to set up? Almost certainly, but few of them offer a centralized remote backup solution and none of them are on my very short list of plugins that I rely on every time I build a website. Overview The setup here is pretty simple and assumes that you’ve got a server set up somewhere with a fresh install of WordPress, with WP Migrate DB Pro and the CLI and Media Files addons installed. You’ll want to use a fresh install that you only use to backup other sites with a unique table prefix from any of the sites you intend to backup, and you can even use a local development server like MAMP so long as you have access to your system’s CRON. From that starting point we’re going to be writing a bash script that will: Create a dump of
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