At WordCamp Miami, which I attended recently, one of the most popular topics of discussion was leveraging WordPress to power mobile applications. At this point, I think everyone is an agreement that you can, in fact, use WordPress to power both web and mobile applications. Now it’s time to answer the questions “Should I use it?” and, if so, “how do I do it?” These questions don’t have one simple answer. In fact, they are highly contingent on the project, budget, requirements, and competencies of those involved. Like every other type of project, how well you plan it is going to be one of the biggest determinants for whether or not your project will be successful. In this article, I will address the different questions that you need to answer during your planning; and then, in future articles, I’ll delve a bit deeper into them. It’s important to note that these are only my opinions. Each project is different, and so you will have to answer these questions for yourself on a per-project basis. Do You Know Why You’re Using WordPress To Build Your App? Building web applications is very different than building WordPress sites, themes, or plugins, and, how you use it, may invalidate some of
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