More than 38k plugins are available for free on the WordPress plugin directory. While the theme directory has a category for commercial themes, the plugin directory does not. When Matt Medeiros interviewed Matt Mullenweg earlier this year and asked if the plugin directory could turn into something similar to an app store, Mullenweg replied that the plugin directory will not turn into a market place or an app store and will never host commercial plugins. Outside of CodeCanyon, I’m not aware of any WordPress plugin directory that focuses on commercial plugins. Introducing Pro Plugin Directory Steven Gliebe who runs and is the founder of has launched the Pro Plugin Directory. The site lists commercial plugins from a variety of categories including, forms, performance, and security. Its design is based on a modified child theme of Checkout by ArrayHQ. Gliebe created the site because he was frustrated that there was no resource for easily locating commercial WordPress plugins. “Most of the time I do find what I need in the free directory. Sometimes though, I want to see what the commercial options are,” he said. After asking several members of the community
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