It was a long, frigid winter here in my neck of the woods. Now that spring is here, the hopeless romantic part of my personality has come out of hibernation. And why not? Love is always in the air this time of year, as many couples plan for a spring or summer wedding. I absolutely love weddings. There is such joy around the occasion (and the free cake isn’t so bad, either). But planning a wedding, worrying about keeping a tally of RSVPs, meal options and the like aren’t for the faint-hearted. That’s where the Weddingpress plugin comes in. It’s billed as "everything you need" to organize your wedding using a WordPress powered website. Will it take some of the stress out of one of the most stressful times of your life? Well, let’s have a look. What Weddingpress Will Do For You Weddingpress aims to make your wedding’s website a one-stop shop for guests. Any website can supply guests with all of the pertinent information about your big day, of course. But this plugin will also make life easier by: Allow Guests to RSVP. You can create your guest list, choosing which events (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, etc.) that each guest group (think families or couples) are invited to. There
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