There’s alway a time when you look at your business and think you’re not happy with the current state of things and want to take your business to the next level. Most of the times, “doing more” can be easily translated with cashing more money in and increasing your income. The problem is, as soon as you think about that, you’re scared that if you raise your prices, you’ll lose half of your current customers, make the other half angry, and end up broke eventually. You greedy business owner. Fortunately, this is the less likely situation you’d experience, both as a web agency or freelancer/consultant, if you do it the right way. Before jumping in at how you can sell your services at a higher price stack, you should consider some key areas that are intimately connected to your desired business goal. I’ll come clean: there’s no secret formula here, it’s just numbers but if you wish to earn more from your services, you’ll have to focus your efforts on 2 important aspects: you need to lower your business expenses you need to increase the amount paid by each client Taking expenses continuously under control and check them regularly is a great way to understand where your business is bleeding
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