In early May, I took a survey looking to get a better understanding of what’s being practiced in the WordPress community in terms of maintenance: services offered, tools used and pricing. While the survey was mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, it was also used to compliment a talk I gave at WordCamp Lyon on June 4. The slides from my presentation are posted here (in French), and I’m pleased to now share the complete results of the survey with you below. I had a total of 126 replies in total, but had to exclude a couple for _ahem_ unhelpful remarks. But I was still overwhelming pleased at the turnout. I was hoping for at least 100 as a good base for analysis. Here we see nice repartition between freelancers and agencies. The list I compiled came from services that I currently offer to my clients in varying degrees depending on the website. One of the big challenges in any maintenance offer is of course defining what is included and what isn’t. Under “Other” I got several mentions of “consulting” and “site changes”, usually expressed in a set number of hours. I’m very interested in streamlining the process of site maintenance, but currently am most comfortable doing the majority of tasks
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