Around 1.5 months ago something big happened in the WordPress space, Automattic acquired WooThemes. As a WooCommerce developer this had more consequences for me than most realized. Today I’m excited to announce that I will be full time focussing on fulfilling my dream. I will be selling my own products, under a new name. Starting today, Never5 will be the company that sells my currently available and future premium plugins. I’m very excited to get this started! Conflict of Interest The WooThemes acquisition isn’t just about their products like WooCommerce, it’s about people as well. All WooThemes employees were offered a new contract, with new terms. While my work on WooCommerce would barely change (if change at all), the new contract would have implications on other things. WooThemes employees were allowed to work on their own personal products as long as they didn’t conflict with any WooThemes products. Employees of Automattic aren’t allowed to have any money making side projects, under their conflict of interest policy. So in order to sign the new contract I had to give up my personal business. Decision time Decisions like this are hard. I had to choose between a good steady salary
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