I’ve read countless comments (and... || I know a lot of the Elegant Themes community provides WordPress design, development, and/or maintenance services to others. Which is awesome since a big part of what motivates the team at Elegant Themes is building tools that empower this community to do more. I’ve read countless comments (and community spotlight posts!) testifying to the fact that themes like Divi have helped hundreds if not thousands of WordPress users offer up WordPress related services of one kind or another. That’s why in today’s post I’d like to outline a range of WordPress website pricing guidelines that will function both as a resource to the community and a starting point for discussion. The Race to the Bottom: Part Myth, Part Problem. There are a few common narratives that I see pop up from time to time in articles that discuss WordPress design and development. They typically go something like this: “When people who are not elite WordPress designers/developers take on WordPress site building jobs they over-charge, under-deliver, and end up saddling real WordPress designers/developers with the headache of fixing their shoddy workmanship.” Or “When people who are not
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