I love experiencing a great conference speaker in person, but opposed to most people I don’t feel the need to try and somehow absorb the wisdom of every slide with the camera on my phone. During these talks I want to yell the same thing, I want to yell in an art museum, “you can’t capture this experience with a camera! The pictures are better on the internet anyway!” I don’t, because I’m not a total asshole. Instead, I take two deep cleansing breaths and get back to enjoying the experience of the art or kick-ass presenter. Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing Chris Lema present at WordCamp Miami on blogging. This talk was so good, that at one point, without even realizing it, I had my phone in my hand to take a picture of a slide. You see, in the middle of this talk, he announced that he was going to share his secret for writing consistent and consistently awesome content. He built it up as a big reveal. When he finally switched the slide to his big reveal, which was clever, but not earth shattering, I couldn’t resist grabbing my phone — despite knowing that the picture wouldn’t allow me to absorb Chris’ awesome blogging powers. I didn’t actually take the picture, because my
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