Web design has come a long way since the under construction GIFs and marquee scrolling of the GeoCities days. Back then, we could not have imagined what the biggest design trends would be in 2015. So which trends and techniques have come to define this year? I set out to uncover them by scrutinizing 200 of the top performing and most popular corporate sites and themes in and outside of WordPress. It was an exhaustive exercise, and one that revealed some obvious insights not to mention a few surprises along the way. More importantly, I wanted to answer the question: Is WordPress keeping up with current design trends? I’ll reveal my thoughts below, as well as my pick of the themes and plugins that can help you stay on trend. What a Top Notch Design Can Do for You When someone visits your site, your design is the first thing they see, obviously. If it’s not impressive you’re in trouble since 48% of your visitors will use it to decide whether or not they believe your business is credible. A whopping 94% of users leave sites that are poorly designed, according to IronPaper in their article 10 Web Design Statistics. Do you remember the last time you landed on a site with an awful design?
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