As WordPress developers everywhere are adopting Vagrant for local development, new configurations seem to pop up every week to address the needs of different teams and workflows. Theme Juice is the newest open source project to join the ever-growing list of WordPress-related Vagrant resources. The project is based on VVV, one of the most popular and best-supported Vagrant configurations. Its VM is built on an Apache fork of VVV called VVV-Apache. Theme Juice installs as a Ruby gem and requires requires Vagrant and VirtualBox. The tj create command leads you through prompts to set up project information, location, database info and will then create a local development environment (if one isn’t already in place.) It automatically syncs the local project location with the project location within the VM, enabling it to be run from anywhere on your system. It also supports Windows with a few feature limitations. If you are not using Apache, Theme Juice can be modified for use with Nginx via the original VVV, which is as easy as running it with a few flags: tj new --vm-box --nginx Access Projects from Other Devices, Including Mobile One of the
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