Before you tell me that I didn’t capitalize the P in my post title, let me explain that most domain name registrars don’t recognize capital letters. But I do know how to correctly type out WordPress. Apple was getting ready to announce the first iPhone… I remember the months before the early January 2007 announcement. They were filled with speculation that it would not be named an iPhone because Cisco already had the trademark for iPhone (via a Linksys acquisition). The rumors, which turned out to be true, were that Steve Jobs had tried to talk with Cisco execs for months, letting them know he wanted the iPhone name. But Cisco didn’t budge. So Jobs got on stage and announced the name – knowing that a) he didn’t think people would confuse his product with that Linksys product and b) that he could negotiate some form of an agreement later. The reality is that by February of that year, they had settled out of court. And on top of that, Apple ended up licensing the term “iOS” from Cisco as well. You know what those two companies had in common? Large bank accounts. While Steve Jobs was on stage, making his announcement, he showed off the ability to check stocks from the iPhone. He looked
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