There’s an exciting new plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository called inSite. It attempts to solve the problem of content personalization for all WordPress users. It’s got a lot of potential and we’re excited to share it (and an in-depth interview below) with our community here at the Cohhe blog. Note: We were not paid for this post or the video interview. We just happen to think this is potentially awesome tool inSites solve one of the biggest problems facing website owners, developers and marketers: How do I make my site more interesting, dynamic and personal in order to drive better conversion and most importantly, without it costing me huge amounts of money and time? inSites are smart, personalized recipes that automatically CHANGE your website at pre determined TRIGGER points (such as Time, Location or Visits etc) to create a richer, more engaged and relevant visitor experience that drives greater conversion. inSite Cohhe Interview In the video below I got the opportunity to chat with Amit Knaani, VP of Product for Duda Mobile, about inSite and the exciting new possibilities it opens up for WordPress users. inSite Interview Highlights & Screenshots Below I’ve highlighted
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