A while ago, we published this post. It’s a list of the top 101 blogs about WordPress and their most popular (2) posts. The goal was to give back to the community and point you to some interesting reading / websites you might not have been aware of. But why not take it further? Why not look into those 202 posts more closely and analyze the kinds of topics and sub-niches that are the most popular in the blogosphere in regards to WordPress? So we’ve followed up on this idea and build a simple research strategy that would give us the answers we wanted. Here are the results. In this post, you will learn what topics get the most social media attention in the WordPress niche. If you’re a WordPress blogger, you should probably pay attention. What’s exactly here? In the list post I mentioned in the introduction, we picked 101 most popular sites writing about anything related to WordPress and selected two of the most popular articles from each. We used Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn as the default social networks when doing the comparisons. For the post you’re reading here, we’ve organized those articles and sorted them by category. We calculated each article’s total number of social
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