As you lay there, you try to remember how you got into this mess. It seemed like it was going to be so easy. You’d heard that object-oriented programming was worth learning. That’s what some dude (or wizard!) told you anyhow. Next thing you knew, everyone else was convinced. There was no time! You had to get ready for battle. You had to study your enemy: object-oriented programming. You were lucky though. Your enemy was well known. You had articles, tutorial series, videos that were a quick Google search away. If that wasn’t enough, you could take classes, workshops or even bootcamps. You thought, “There is a way to slay the beast!”. Your energy and your motivation had never been higher. You yelled to the heavens, “I shall slay you OOP beast. Your time has come! Charge!!!”. Except your enemy was never there It’d deceived you. Like a modern day Don Quixote, your enemy was nothing more than an illusion. An illusion that set you up for failure. The illusion was making your quest about “learning object-oriented programming”. It’s a moving target with no finish line. How can you ever know when you’re done? You can’t. You knew the answer the moment you read the question. It’s also why you
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