As many know, I’m the lead developer of GlotPress. Simply because I was the only one at that time who cared about Polyglots and also had the technical skill to make GlotPress better. But by getting GlotPress a live, I was building on something called BackPress. At the time I didn’t know exactly what the status was but soon I found out it was even more dead then GlotPress. Updates did happen but no real development. In the beginning it was pretty easy going with developing GlotPress. It was hard to get in to due to a more OOP application but everything worked out for the best. From a dying project we grow to a project which had more then 20 contributors last year. And more people give me feedback on what they like to change. I even have to say “no” a lot of times since I simply can’t build in a short time span. BackPress So what about BackPress then. Personally for me there are three options for GlotPress to continue and one is to continue making BackPress better. This by forking it or a complete build. For me, I can live with both options. The last option would be to find another framework like Symfony or Laravel. Which I would love to do that, it would also mean that it becomes even
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