Today, I am going to share experience of attending my first WordCamp. It was my first time in the U.S.A (and my first time in Miami obviously). I stayed in U.S for 20 days, travelled to fours states, met a lot of great people and visited a lot of awesome places. 10 days in Florida includes NASA, Universal, Lakes, Springs, Parks, Miami and Special visit to KeyWest. Kudos to Asif my buddy who drove me to all the places. Officially Thank you, It was not possible without you. Attending a WordCamp was a dream and When your dream comes true, your feelings are GREAT. I got a comment over FaceBook that I am lucky to be there and Yes I was lucky to attend this WordCamp. Following is the wrap up day by day: 28th May – WordCamp Miami Social Meetup Asif drove the car fast, It took us almost 4 hours to reach Miami from DeBary, Florida. We checked-in our hotel and went straight to Miami Ad School for Social Meet up. When we reached there, talks were ended, I started recognizing the people from their twitter avatars. You can’t imagine my feelings at that time, The people I follow, read their blogs, watch their videos and use their plugins were in front of me. First twitter friend I met was Jesse Petersen.
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