These have been 3 hot, yet awesome days in Seville. I met a bunch of amazing people doing extraordinary things and I’m going back home with light luggage but a head full of ideas and good intentions. Now, I just need to make them happen! Here, I don’t want to go over the specifics of the event that Waseem reported awesomely. Instead, I will focus on my personal experience of it. Open your mind and let things happen Things didn’t look very well when I landed in Seville. Waseem couldn’t make it to the conference and a few t-shirts that we have carefully designed for our friends were stuck in Customs and didn’t arrive in time. I was a bit lost, as Waseem had done the homework for the event and I generally attend smaller, much more technical conferences. But, I try to go to this kind of event with a very open approach and let things develop by themselves. True, that to get the most out of it you need to properly prepare for an event like this (What do you want to see? Whom do you want to meet?), but balancing it with a bit of “magic” will bring the most of it. Don’t stay at your hotel the night before the conference, don’t go to have dinner alone. Check Twitter, browse the conference hashtag,
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