End of 2014 was a turning point in my life, and I have been thinking a lot about my contributing efforts for a while now. About a year ago I was teaching at a university, a school, co-organizing WordCamp Europe 2014 and a meetup, spoke at various conferences and meetings for free as well, contributed patches to plugins (plus free plugins and updating themes), mentoring people, teaching interns, and doing a dozen extra things for free. Things Changed at Work Our work back then was pretty well organized – we had a large client with an ongoing retainer for SaaS development, and some smaller ongoing projects. The majority of our team was busy with client work, the income was higher then our expenses, and we had another 20% or so time to work on internal projects, open source plugins and handle the load without stress. I had the process sorted out, and my billable work was about 20h/week, which allowed for another 40h/week on other activities. And it worked out well. However, things have changed since then. We learned a lot of things and had to change the entire process, reorganize the team and our business strategy. We were 6 full-timers then with 4-5 more part-time folks, and about 12
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