Note to the reader: This post falls under the umbrella “Morten thinking out loud”. You have been warned. Consider the image above. Depending on your screen resolution and size, the image file you are looking at will be different from the file you’d look at on a smaller or bigger screen. This is thanks to Responsive Images. And it’s really cool. That said, we have a ways to go before this new technology can truly improve WordPress and the sites it runs. And I think a large part of that work is rethinking how WordPress handles images behind the scenes. That’s what this article is about. Responsive Images are rapidly approaching as a standard, and the RICG team are doing continuous work on a plugin that adds responsive images functionality to WordPress sites today. With any luck we’ll see the plugin baked into WordPress core in a future release and all WordPress sites will serve up responsive images out of the box. In this article I’m not going to talk about the responsive images implementation being worked on in itself; the work being done by the group is stellar (you can follow along in the Github repo and the Slack channel) and some of the best minds in the business are working on improving
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