– I feel that asking more than $40 per year for WordPress maintenance would be too much. – How much is that per month? – …Around $3.50. – So, less than that cup of Starbucks you’re drinking. Is that the level of your WordPress skill? – … I think I need to revise my pricing strategy. I’ve had this conversation more times than I care to admit. In the past year I’ve been working on a more efficient pricing model for the ManageWP Orion, and most of my effort went on hundreds of talks with WordPress professionals. A lot of them recognized maintenance as a great source of passive income, but a fair number was struggling with the way to profit from it. Those who struggle inevitably place the blame at their clients feet at some point of the conversation: they don’t see the value, there is no budget for maintenance, the times are hard – I’ve heard them all. Here’s the hard truth: It’s your own fault your clients think you’re worth less than a cup of Starbucks. Unlike car repair or hair dressing, web development as a profession has only been around for a few decades. There is no standard fee people can reference, and WordPress websites are being built both by both top agencies for $10,000+ and
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