Almost exactly three months ago I wrote how WordPress sold us out with regards to their web hosting ‘recommendations’ which were (and still are) just advertisements (now a single ad for BlueHost). So what changed? It appears that is going to change their web hosting recommendations and acknowledges that the industry has changed (dramatically I might add). They left the nonsense text at the top about how BlueHost is the best and brightest while the new text at the bottom admits that isn’t the case at all. I will assume it was a minor oversight in the updating of the page. So what appears to be changing? They are taking requests from companies to be included with a very long survey which is fairly comprehensive covering demographics, staff, usability, technology, financials and more. It looks like it’s either designed for a very thorough vetting process or to prevent companies from signing up because of the amount of disclosure required. Questions like How many net paying customers are you gaining/losing each month? and Approximately how many 30-day-active paying customers do you have? are pretty revealing questions for private companies. Especially considering that there
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