One of the habits I developed when I started using WordPress is to always read a plugin’s changelog before updating. The changelog is a communication channel that bridges the gap between me and the developer. It tells me what’s changed, what to expect, and any other information the developer thinks I should know. The most important information a developer can tell me is that a security vulnerability has been addressed. Security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins generally receive a decent amount of media coverage. If I read a story that mentions a plugin I use containing a vulnerability, the first thing I do is visit that plugin’s changelog on the WordPress plugin directory to see if it’s fixed. However, some plugin authors don’t do a very good job of informing users that a security patch has been applied. WooCommerce and VaultPress WooCommerce recently released an update to fix an object injection vulnerability. If you look at the changelog for 2.3.11 which has the patch, there is no mention of a security vulnerability being fixed. 2.3.11 – 10/06/2015 Fix – Check if rating is enabled before check if rating is required to a review. Fix – get_discounted_price needs to check if taxes
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